Fatalism & Determinism

In  my own experience, there are usually two trains of thought with regards to mortality.  On the one hand, the fatalists hold that no course of action we take will change the outcome of events to come.  Therefore, whether we exhibit an effort to care for and maintain the health of our physical bodies or take no thought to the care or maintenance of our physical bodies will not change the eventual outcome, death.

When death occurs, it will not matter what we did or did not do to hasten or delay its occurrence.  It is merely an event we are subject to.

On the other hand, the determinists contend that our actions can affect or shape the future.   Although some events are inescapable, determinists believe these events are due to causality.  Therefore, our actions to prolong or shorten life will directly affect the overall outcome, the  timing of death.

In using these terms, I am not ascribing to their formal philosophical and previously debated definitions.  I am merely using these terms loosely to express my thoughts.

So what do you ascribe to?

Personally, I believe we do not change the timing of death.  Although we may hasten it by suicide, when we die is predetermined.  However, I also believe the choices we make can directly affect the outcome of how we live, even if they do not affect the outcome of when we die.  Label it how you may, they are my own beliefs and will color how I discuss the importance of health in future posts.


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